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Have the pros clean up junk for you by scheduling full-service junk removal in Metamora, IL from Doers Junk Removal today.

Metamora Junk Removal

At Doers Junk Removal, we do a good job for our clients, and you could be next. Need junk removal in Metamora, IL, but don’t know which company to choose? We think you’ll find that we’re a better option than the franchises. Here’s why:

  • Support local. We keep money in our Central Illinois economy.
  • Harder work. We give our 110% to please our neighborhood clients.
  • Better prices. Our customers deserve a deal—so we give them one!

Metamora, IL is a small town, but that doesn’t mean it never has big junk removal problems. You’d be surprised how much clutter a town of just around four thousand people can generate! Fortunately, when you need to get rid of some junk, our crew is ready to help. Get in touch with us, and we’ll be there to do some hauling right away.

doers junk removal team finishing work


You’ll be delighted to know that Doers Junk Removal takes full responsibility for your junk removal job. What would’ve been an exhausting personal project will be handled by our professionals instead!

  • Our strong and capable junk haulers can handle even your heaviest, bulkiest junk items.
  • Additionally, we have the right equipment to safely move heavy items up and down the stairs.
  • We’ll also handle disposal! After loading your junk into our truck, we’ll make sure it’s discarded properly.
  • We are eco-friendly, so we will do what we can to recycle and donate as much of the junk as possible.

Want to learn more? See additional details about How It Works.

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The cost to remove junk is fair and affordable thanks to our pricing model. We know you don’t want to throw money around like it’s not worth anything, and that’s exactly why we strive to offer you great prices.

  • After seeing how much you need us to haul away, we can prepare a volume-based quote for you.
  • This quote is always given to you upfront, and it’s up to you to approve it so we can get to work.
  • Once you do approve the quote, the price is final. That means no hidden fees or surcharges—ever.
  • We will happily accept your payments via cash, checks, cards, or a wireless Venmo transaction.
doers junk removal team hauling furniture

Why Our Junk Hauling?

What makes our hauling services the best choice for you? Something you ought to know about Doers Junk Removal is that we are not a franchise, but rather a locally owned and operated business. Our roots are in the community, and that community has given a lot to us. After all, we grew up here, made precious memories here, and now conduct business here. As one of the ways we’re giving back, we’ll offer you better prices than the franchises do. After all, we don’t have to pay expensive franchise fees, which means it’s no problem for us to give you a great deal on junk pick up services.

Other companies might try to show up late, but not us. We believe that punctuality is important, and that’s why we’ll always be there on time. What’s more, Doers Junk Removal will give you a courtesy call when we’re heading your way. It’s our way of letting you know when exactly you can expect us. That way, if you’re in the middle of running errands, you can finish up and be back on time for your appointment.

We also want to give you some more information regarding our eco-friendly haul away service. How it works is pretty simple. While we haul away junk, we keep a close eye on what we’re moving around, getting an idea of what we can recycle. That way, a minimal amount of junk winds up in the landfill. Additionally, we are also proud to donate any lightly used belongings you might want to get rid of. We take these belongings to thrift store charities such as the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

How Junk Removal Services in Metamora Work

  1. It’s easy to get started with us. You can either contact us online or give us a call at 309-245-7722. Either way, we would like to hear more about how we can help.
  2. On the day of your appointment, we will give you a courtesy call so you know to expect us. We will see you before too long, and we’ll ask to see all the junk upon arrival.
  3. Approve our upfront service quote to get started! Our prices are based on volume, and there are never any hidden fees attached, either.
  4. Upon your approval of our quote, we will start hauling your junk to our truck. Once we’ve removed everything, we’ll accept your payment and head out.

Appliance Removal in Metamora

Picture this: you have a washing machine and a dryer combo in your basement, but one day, either one or both of the appliances break down. Now what are you supposed to do? Whether you’re going to have clean clothes to wear this week is contingent on having those machines up and running. It may be time to order some replacements, but on top of that, you’ll have to get rid of the old appliances, too. This is where we step in. While it’s true it can be difficult to remove appliances, especially if they’re in the basement, we can get it done. That’s because we have the right stuff for the job. We’re talking about moving dollies, straps, and most importantly, a strong crew that isn’t afraid to do a little heavy lifting. Plus, we’re also fully insured, so there’s no need to worry about any damages. Simply put, Doers Junk Removal is the right choice for appliance removal near you!

Once we’ve removed your appliances, we will be sure to recycle them if possible. After all, enormous appliances aren’t just going to break down in a landfill. Recycling them is simply the common sense solution, and we’ll handle all the hassle of the process for you.

Light Demolition in Metamora

Additionally, if you need some sort of unwanted structure torn down, we are the company that fits your needs. That’s because we are fully trained regarding all things light demolition. We tear down sheds, playsets, fences, hot tubs, and more! All you really have to do is point us towards whatever structure you’d like to get rid of. Then, we’ll look it over, make a plan for demolition, and then put that plan into action. What’s more, we’ll clean up any resulting debris when we’re done, too. By the time we have left, you’ll have plenty of new free space to use for whatever you see fit. Don’t forget—we are fully insured, so there’s no need to worry yourself about potential damages.

About Us

In an area filled to the brim with junk removal franchises, try something new and try us, a locally owned and operated company. Not only do we provide junk removal services in Metamora, but we also help out many other service areas in Central Illinois. That’s because we think our neighbors deserve great service no matter where they are near us, be it the suburbs, a bustling downtown, or even the outskirts. In any case, we’ll be there with smiling faces and the will to get some serious work done. Best of all, you’ll be treated by us for a fair and affordable price. What’s not to like?

What Our Customers Have to Say

  • review rating

    I could not be happier with my experience. Bo was friendly, timely, and professional, and his prices are very reasonable. It would have cost me at least twice as much to rent a dumpster that I didn’t have the space for anyway. This was a fast easy alternative to rid my house of unwanted furniture/bulk garbage. He also accepts yard waste and does house clean outs. Highly recommend!

    Caroline Miller
  • review rating

    Very responsive, answered phone first call and was there the next day. Reasonable rates and the workers were very good! Would use again in a heartbeat!

    Ronald Roberts
  • review rating

    They were very professional and helpful with my basement clean out. They will be getting any future clean out i may have!!

    David Merrell
  • review rating

    Called Bo today around 2pm, he had it picked up by around 6pm, even though I told him with the holiday, he could get it when it was most convenient for him, even if that meant Friday or Saturday. This is great customer service that I will continue to use as needed and refer others too as well.

    Brian Reiner
  • review rating

    Polite, efficient, and well priced. Would recommend highly

    Rick Pearl
  • review rating

    Bo and his coworker David were WONDERFUL. His prices were very reasonable. They were helpful, polite and professional. We were cleaning out a barn, 3 sheds, a garage and basement after an estate sale. It was a very stressful event for our family. Bo and David were SO understanding and helpful. I just cannot say enough great things about this business. We have another basement and garage to do and would like to use them again. I would, and have, recommend them to family and friends.

    Monroetta Gutterridge
  • review rating

    We had an exceptional experience with Doer’s Junk Removal! They stand out from the rest with their service, communication and professionalism! The owner came quickly to quote the job, arrived at our appointed time and even called on the way to update us. They removed our aluminum fence and although it was a big job they got it done quickly, efficiently and left our yard in much better shape, even making sure the posts were below the ground! Before leaving they helped us with another unexpected job. Their pricing is extremely reasonable too. Bo and Matt seem to be genuinely good, honest and caring people. We will definitely contact them in the future for any removal or recycling needs!

    Julie M.
  • review rating

    Bo and Matt were very kind, professional and reliable. They had a rental cleaned out in less than 24 hours. Reasonable price for a lot of heavy lifting. Easy communication. I would hire again ! Thanks guys!!

    Karla Dieckow

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